Holistic reenactment project of the voyage 30,000 years ago
June 25 - July 13

Plan and Rule of the Final Voyage

Logboat was chosen

Final experimental voyage(Click to enlarge image)

As a result of trial manufacture and test voyages of all three candidates, a reed-bundle raft, a bamboo raft, and a logboat, it now seems that logboats were used as seagoing crafts 30,000 years ago. Can we cross the sea of the Kuroshio current, where we failed to go by reed or bamboo rafts?

Final experimental voyage

We will paddle from Taiwan to the Yonaguni Island, which is one of the entrances to the Japanese archipelago. This is a big challenge because one of the world's largest ocean currents, the Kuroshio, flows, and the target island cannot be seen until the end of the voyage. We have to depart from the south considering the influence of the Kuroshio, and the distance will be more than 200 km and it will take at least 2 days to arrive. The paddlers are not allowed to sleep well on this journey.

We cannot fix the departure date

In order to reach the island safely with a primitive boat, you have to wait for a calm day to leave. Therefore, we set 19 days from June 25 to July 13 as "the period of challenge", and wait for the opportunity of the voyage in this period. Since the experiment must be finished by July 13, the final departure date will be a few days before that.

Rules to understand the challenges of 30,000 years ago

  • No maps, compasses, smartphones, watches, etc.
  • The escort ship does not indicate the direction.
  • The escort ship does not supply food and drinking water.
  • The paddlers (five people including men and women) will not be replaced on the way.