Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series E(Science and Engineering) date of publication
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Series E (Physical Sciences & Engineering) Volume 38 December 2015
  Yoshio Tomita, Yoichi Tomii, Kazuyoshi Suzuki and Kouichi Suzaki: P.1
  On the High Corrosion Resistivity of Metallic Mirror made by Kunitmo Tobei download
  Katsuhiro Sasaki and Katsuyuki Kondo: P.9
  The Single Foriot Lantern Clock with Astronomical Display made by Musashi Hirayama download
  Takeshi Inoue and Katsuhiro Sasaki: P.23
  Research for Exhibits of ‘Time’ Exhibition Held at Tokyo Education Museum in 1920 download
  Osamu Kamei, Reiji Takayasu and Masahiro Maejima: P.35
  A Chronological Study of the Backdrop of Technological Development Utilizing Archive Footage download
  Takashi Nakajima and Toshihiro Horaguchi: P.51
  Newly Donated Binoculars Made by Tokyo Gas and Electric Corporation【NOTE】 download
  Toshio Kubota: P.57
  The Picture Postcards Titled “The Tokyo Peace Exhibition, Tri-color Printing【NOTE】 download