The Anthropocene, also known as the “Age of Humankind”, is a term gaining currency to refer to the geological epoch of human activity that will leave a mark on the Earth observable after millions of years, and to a time when awareness of the human-environment relationship should be at the fore.

In this symposium, some experts from various fields will give talks about the Anthropocene from each perspective.

Human activity both influences and is influenced by the natural environment. To sustain human activity into the future, what should we do? At this point in time, we humans are searching for a means to coexist with nature. The symposium hopes to explore in depth this ongoing challenge.

General Information


January 30(Sat.)2016
10:00 – 16:40  
*Open a door 9:30


National Museum of Nature and Science

7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8718, Japan

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Participation fee

No admission charge for the symposium.

*620 yen as an admission fee to the museum for general and university students.
(Free for High-school students and younger and person aged 65 or over.)

Registration Capacity

100 participants

*Advanced registration is required.
*Registration deadline: January 15 (Fri.)


■ International Symposium Committee,
Department of Science and Engineering,
National Museum of Nature and Science

Tel: +81-(0)29-853-8901
Fax: +81-(0)29-853-8492

プログラム Program

*The program will be updated. Please check the latest program on this website.

Public Programs

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Jan. 30 (Sat.)

10:00 – 16:40






Keynote Lectures

"Finding Meaning in the Anthropocene"
Eric Dorfman (Director of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, US / President of ICOM-NATHIST)

"Human, Nature,and Science"
Masanori Aoyagi (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo / Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, Japan)




Invited Lectures

"The Anthropocene: A Cultural Revolution or Legitimate Unit of Geological Time?"
Martin J. Head (Professor, Brock University, Canada / Chair of ICS-SQS))

"Beyond Anthropocentrism: On the Basis of an Etymological Model of Civilization"
Hirochika Nakamaki (Professor Emeritus, National Museum of Ethnology / Director of the Suita City Museum)

"Spread of Homo sapiens and the Anthropocene”
Kenichi Shinoda (Director of the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Nature and Science)

"The Crime of Homo sapiens"
Yoichiro P. Murakami (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo and International Christian University)

"Narrating the Anthropocene: A Challenge to the History of Technology"
Helmuth Trischler (Head of Research, Deutsches Museum / Director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Germany)


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion

Moderator: Kazuma Yamane (Nonfiction Writer / Professor, Department of Economics, Dokkyo University)

Panelists: Eric Dorfman, Martin J. Head, Hirochika Nakamaki,Kenichi Shinoda, Yoichiro P. Murakami, Helmuth Trischler


Closing Remarks