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Insect hunting children and their daddy.


In summer vacation, children go to field to find horned beetles. Child loves horned beetle, very much! Horned beetle is the best friend of child. It never sting, never bite by its mouthparts. It is very clean, never carry pathogenic bacteria. It is the best safety friend of child.

And the male horned beetle has great horns on the head and thorax. Its horns are very hard and are not broken easily. It is never noisy as cicads and crickets. It never cry for any child play. How nice friend it is!

Though horned beetle is a silent friend, it is a wild animal living in the field. Pet animal was often made to be obedient by human domestication like cats and dogs. But horned beetle is 100% wild with no domestication. How surprising it is! isn't it?

Children with horned beetles.


Horned beetle is a common species around Tokyo. But, sometimes we cannot find it easily, because it has the nocturnal habits. It usually hides into a bush in the forest in a day. But it likes sap of an oak tree (Quercus acutissima), so it sometimes licks the sap in a day.

Horned beetle walks and flies actively looking for tree sap or sweet fruit at night. Many beetles come together to tree sap at night.

Around Tokyo horned beetle inhabits low altitude (0-500m). Horned beetle is rare, but some stag-beetles are common in middle high altitude (500-1,000m). Horned beetle and stag beetle are rare in very high altitude (higher than 1,500m).

A male horned beetle attracted to sap of an oak tree.

Oak tree forest near Tokyo.


In our fathers' kid time, they can collect horned beetles very easily, because there are much natural forest around their home.

But, nowadays child has to ride on a train, a bus or a bicycle to go to collect horned beetle. And it is dengerous to go around only by children, especially at night. Insect hunting by child becomes difficult, recently.

In that situation, Nomura-hoihoi is very helpful! You can get horned beetle easily by Nomura-hoihoi in setting and collecting it in the day. You don't need to walk around at night. You can collect it easily from roadside without walking into a bush.

It is very easy to collect horned beetle by Nomura-hoihoi! At first, you need some bananas. A little aged and decayed one is OK. Next, peel a banana, and put the skin and the fruits into the bottle. One banana is OK for a bottle.

Set Nomura-hoihoi on a tree or a branch in the forest where horned beetle lives. The half of the sun and the shade is the best; all of the sun or all of the shade are not good.
After setting bottles, don't touch, wait for 3 to 4 days. If you can get many beetles, check the same place again and again.

Many horned beetles collected by Nomura-hoihoi.


If you get horned beetle, try to breed it providing some foods. Horned beetle likes sweet sap of water melon, very much. Please be careful not to give it water melon too much.

You can see that horned beetle wants to fly at night. Horned beetle has the nocturnal habits. Try to look and touch the hind wing of horned beetle. How do you feel it?

*Check the next point!

* What kind of food does it like? Banana, water melon, and??

* What did you see the other insect on the bait? Banana, water melon, and??

* What is the food of horned beetle in the field? How about is the adult? or the larva?

* How long is horned beetle alive? How about breeding? or in the field?

* How can horned beetle fly? How long distanse? what time? How does it after its flight?

* What kind of insect is living in the forest together with horned beetle?

A male horned beetle licking sap of an oak tree.


1) The manner for yourself -For your safety insect hunting
* Setting and collecting of Nomura-hoihoi should be done in the daytime.
* Let's go insect hunting togethr with an adult person.
* Check your wear and tools with the followings: long sleeved shirt, long trousers, sports shoes, sports cap, rain wear, water bottle, collecting tools.
* Don't forget your sefety goods: first-aid kit, alarm, cellphone.

2) The manner for nature -Don't damage to nature
* Release unnecessary insect at the collected point.
* Never release introduced insect in the field.
* Don't use fire for insect hunting.
* Don't use damaging method to nature.

3) The manner for the other person
* Attach a tag with your name and address to your trap.
* Never walk in and collect insect to protected area.
* Collect all traps those you set.
* Don't leave anything on the collecting area.

A sample of the tag attached to the Nomura-hoihoi.

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