As a Collecting Method of Staphylinoids

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"Nomura-hoihoi" is a collecting method of insects, using a style of bottle and many different kinds of baits.

The purpose of Nomura-hoihoi is to clarify what kind of insect will be collected,
from what kinds of environment, at what seazon, by what kind of bait?

Many species of Staphylinoids are also collectable
by Nomura-hoihoi.

A Nomura-hoihoi used at Amami-oshima Is., the Ryukyus, Japan, to collect carrion beetles.

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Nomura-hoihoi for insect hunting kids

A history of Nomura-hoihoi

Techniques of Nomura-hoihoi

Collecting method of Staphylinoids using Nomura-hoihoi

Let's try to get by Nomura-hoihoi! The team of Velleius

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