Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden date of publication
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden Volume 25 December 2006
  Tanaka,N., Y.Ito and K. Uehara: P.1
  Distribution and new Localities of Zannichellia palustris L.(Zannichelliaceae) in Japan  
  Kokubugata,G., C.-I. Peng and D.A. Madulid: P.7
  Chromosome Number of Lobelia nummularia (Campanulaceae) in Taiwan and the Philippines  
  Saito, Y. and G. Kokubugata: P.11
  Mapping 45S Ribosomal DNA on Somatic Chromosomes of two Disporum Species (Liliaceae) in Japan  
  Iwashina, T.: P.17
  Flavonols from the Aerial Parts of two Aztekium and three Ariocarpus Species (Cactaceae)  
  Galania,I. A.: P.25
  Epiphytic Lichens of Vladivostok Botanical Garden (Primorskii Krai, Russia)