Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden date of publication
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden Volume 23 December 2004
  Kokubugata,G.,K. Kondo and S. Matsumoto P.1
  Different Size of Total Chromosome Lengths in two Diploid Species of Artemisia (Asteraceae) in Japan  
  Saito,Y.G. Kokubugata and M.Moller P.5
  Evidence for the Correlation between rDNA Variat and Satellite Heteromorphy in somatic Chrimosome Camplements of Lodelia fulgens 'Queen Victoria'(Subfamily Lodelioideae,Family Campanula-cace)  
  Kokubugata,G.,C.-I. Peng and M. Yokota: P.13
  Heloniopis Species (LiIiaceae) from Ryukyu Archioelago and Taiwan  
  Tabaka,N. P.17
  Tow Species of Dendrobium Section Formosae(Orchidaceae) from Vietnam  
  Wkayama,H. and H.Hatta: P.21
  Sunaga,K. and R.Hirayama P.107
  Method for the Preparatio of Soil Monoliths on Marginal Mountain Areas