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Bottlenose dolphin

Scientific Name : Tursiops truncatus / Japanese Name : handou-iruka


Order Cetacea
Suborder Odontoceti
Family Delphinidae
Genus Tursiops
Species truncatus
Subspecies -
Subtype -
CITES Appendix II IUCN RedData Status Least Concern
Baleen plates or tooth-Upper jaw 20-26 Baleen plates or tooth-Lower jaw 18-24
At birth At weaning Adult Adult male Adult female
大きさ - - 7.0-10ft - -
重さ 12-25kg - 140-240kg - -
Feature and Habit
Bottlenose dolphins is robust in body shape. The beak is thick and distinctly. The dorsal fin is moderately high, falcated, and locates almost middle of the body length. The flippers taper toward the tip. The dorsal side is gray or black and the ventral side more whitish . They have 20-26 teeth in the each upper jaw and 18-24 in the lower. Some dolphins are seen in the gulf or the estuary.
国立科学博物館での分類による。(Shirakihara, M., Shirakihara, K., Tomonaga, J. and Takatsuki, M. 2002. A resident population of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Amakusa, western Kyushu, Japan. Marine Mammal Science 18: 30-41.)
Stranding Record(s) in Japan

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