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Blainville's beaked whale

Scientific Name : Mesoplodon densirostris / Japanese Name : kobuha-kujira


Order Cetacea
Suborder Odontoceti
Family Ziphiidae
Genus Mesoplodon
Species densirostris
Subspecies -
Subtype -
CITES Appendix II IUCN RedData Status Data Deficient
Baleen plates or tooth-Upper jaw - Baleen plates or tooth-Lower jaw -
At birth At weaning Adult Adult male Adult female
Body length - - 15-15.5ft - -
Body weight - - 1t - -
Feature and Habit
Blainville's beaked whales have flattend forehead with a depression in front of the blowhole. The tooth erupts from the leading-edge of the prominent bulge near the gape and inclined toward anterior (front). Adults, especially males have many scars on their body surface. They are dark gray above and gray or pinkish pale below.  Some individuals have many white and oval scars on their body surface. They inhabit in offshore waters.They are in pods of several whales.
Stranding Record(s) in Japan

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Sex F Reproductive Condition -
Body length 356 Locality Kei-kan town
Museum No. - Other No. -

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