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Short-finned pilot whale

Scientific Name : Globicephala macrorhynchus / Japanese Name : kobire-gondou


Order Cetacea
Suborder Odontoceti
Family Delphinidae
Genus Globicephala
Species macrorhynchus
Subspecies -
Subtype -
CITES Appendix II IUCN RedData Status Data Deficient
Baleen plates or tooth-Upper jaw 7-9 Baleen plates or tooth-Lower jaw 7-9
At birth At weaning Adult Adult male Adult female
Body length - - 13-16.5ft - -
Body weight - - 0.6-1.2t - -
Feature and Habit
They are similar to long-finned pilot whale in appearance, but the flippers are short (no more than one-fifth of the body length). The tooth count ranges 7 to 9 in each tooth rows. In general, they inhabit in offshore waters. They tend to be highly social and they are in pods of several or many whales, and some times much larger one.
Stranding Record(s) in Japan

Marine Mammals Skull Database

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Sex M Reproductive Condition -
Body length 610 Locality Ayukawa, Miyagi Pre.
Museum No. - Other No. -

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