Pelates quadrilineatus, FRLM 30616, 6.7 cm SL

Pelates quadrilineatus (Bloch, 1790)
Fourlined terapon

D XII - XIII, 9 - 11; A III, 9 - 10; LLp 66 - 75; GR 16 - 18 + 22 - 27. A moderately small species; body oblong and compressed laterally. Preopercle serrate; lower opercular spine stronger and longer, but not extending beyond margin of opercular lobe; posttemporal bone not expanded or exposed posteriorly, covered with skin and scales. Color: generally silver in color, with 4 - 6 narrow, dark brown or black horizontal stripes on body; spinous portion of dorsal fin with a black blotch dorsally between third and seventh spines; a blotch of variable intensity behind head, posterior to nape; caudal fin pale or slightly dusky. Size: maximum length about 30 cm, commonly to 20 cm. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to New Guinea. Remarks: a coastal species often found in brackish waters; common in estuaries. Feeds on small fishes and invertebrates.