Caesio cuning, FRLM 30654, 15.6 cm SL

Caesio cuning (Bloch, 1791)
Redbelly yellowtail fusilier

D X, 14 - 16; A III, 10 - 12; P1 17 - 20; LLp 45 - 51. Body fairly deep and compressed. A single postmaxillary process; small conical teeth in jaws, vomer and palatines. Scale rows above lateral line 7 - 9, upper peduncular scale rows 9 - 11; lower peduncular scale rows usually 12 - 14; supratemporal band of scales confluent at dorsal midline; 4 - 5 scales on cheek; predorsal scales 20 - 26; dorsal and anal fins scaly. Color: caudal fin, upper caudal peduncle and posterior portion of back yellow; upper body if not yellow, grayish blue; lower sides and belly white or pinkish; pectoral, pelvic and anal fins white to pink; axil and upper base of pectoral fins black; dorsal fin yellow posteriorly and grayish blue anteriorly. Size: maximum length about 50 cm, commonly to 35 cm. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean-West Pacific: Sri Lanka to Vanuatu, and southern Japan to northern Australia. Remarks: inhabits coastal areas to the depth of 60 m, usually over rocky and coral reefs. Forms schools in midwater and feeds on zooplankton.