Sphyraena putnamae, 14.8 cm SL
(photo by Seishi Kimura)

Sphyraena putnamae, 27.8 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Sphyraena putnamae
Jordan and Seale, 1905
Sawtooth Barracuda

D V+I, 9; A II, 7-9; LLp 123-136.

Body elongate, subcylindrical. Snout long, pointed; posterior tip of maxilla just reaching to below anterior margin of eye. First gill arch without gill raker. Last rays of second dorsal and anal fin elongate in comparison with penultimate rays. Caudal fin deeply forked. Pelvic-fin origin anterior to origin of first dorsal fin. Color: head and body dark brown dorsally, silvery-white ventrally. Many typical dark chevron markings crossing lateral line on body. Caudal fin blackish without white tips. Size: maximum length 90 cm. Distribution: widely distributed in Indo-West Pacific, from East Africa and Red Sea to Vanuatu and New Caledonia, north to southern Japan. Remarks: inhabits bays and turbid inner lagoons. Marketed fresh. (Seishi Kimura)