Pogonoperca ocellata, 18.7 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Pogonoperca ocellata
Snowflake Soapfish

VIII, 12-13; A II, 8; P1 17-18; P2 I, 5.

Body relatively deep; its depth subequal to head length. A large, fleshy tentacle at tip of chin; tentacle length subequal to eye diameter. Lateral line extending onto caudal-fin base; body scales ctenoid. Caudal fin rounded. Color: body brown, with 5 black saddles; first saddle through eye, second on nape. A black blotch at upper caudal-fin base. Body and fins with numerous small white spots; spinous portion of dorsal fin yellowish. Size: maximum length 27 cm. Distribution: distributed in the Indian Ocean and Indonesia (Sumatra and Java). Remarks: found in deep water coral and rocky reefs, deeper than 25 m.(Hiroyuki Motomura)