Scomberomorus commerson, 90.0 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Scomberomorus commerson
(Lacepède, 1800)
Narrowbarred Spanish Mackerel

D XV-XVIII + 15-20; A 16-21; P1 21-24; GR 0-2 + 1-8 = 1-8, V 19-20 + 23-27 = 42-46.

Body elongate, strongly compressed. Upper jaw reaching to or extending slightly beyond posterior margin of eye. Teeth on jaws strong with finely serrated edge. Caudal peduncle with a large lateral keel and caudal-fin base with 2 small keels. Two dorsal fins scarcely separated. Eight to 11 dorsal and 7 to 12 anal finlets. Pectoral fins short, pointed. Body covered with small scales. A single lateral line abruptly bent downward below posterior end of dorsal-fin base. Color: head and body bluish silver dorsally, silvery-white ventrally. Many vertical dark bars on body. Size: maximum length 2.2 m FL. Distribution: widely distributed in Indo-West Pacific, from South Africa and Red Sea to Fiji, north to Japan. Remarks: found in coastal waters. Feeds on fishes. Marketed mainly fresh.