Chlorurus strongylocephalus
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Chlorurus strongylocephalus
(Bleeker, 1854)
Roundhead Parrotfish

D IX, 10; A III, 9; P1 15-17; GR 54-75.

Dorsal profile of head steep and smoothly convex. Teeth fused to form dental plates; dental plates relatively smooth, and broadly exposed; large adults with 1 or 2 canine teeth on side at rear of upper dental plates; 3 rows of scales on cheek; median predorsal scales usually 4; caudal fin of adults lunate. Color: initial phase yellowish green dorsally, becoming red on sides and ventrally; edge of lips with a broad blue-green band. Body of terminal males green, the scales with a vertical lavender-pink bar, shading dorsoanteriorly to lavender-grey and to lavender-blue on snout; broad green band of upper lip continuing diffusely to eye; 3 narrow green bands diverging posteriorly from eye; cheek below green band yellow, shading ventrally to light green. Juveniles dark brown with 4 narrow pale yellowish stripes. Size: maximum length about 70 cm. Distribution: Indian Ocean. Replaced by C. gibbus in the Red Sea. Remarks: inhabits coral reefs at depths of 2-35 m.