Chlorurus rhakoura, 30.9 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Chlorurus rhakoura
Randall and Anderson, 1997
Ragged-tail parrotfish

D IX, 10; A III, 9; P1 14-15; LLp 19- 20 + 5-6; GR 35-49.

Body moderately deep; adults with a large, bulbous, fleshy protuberance on forehead, forward- projecting in large adults but not extending anterior to a vertical at corner of mouth. Median predorsal scales 3; rows of scales on cheek 2, the upper row with 7 and the lower row with 5-6 scales. Premaxillary dental plate with 1 or 2 (usually 2) short, laterally-projecting teeth. Caudal fin with strongly inserted rays, giving the posterior margin a ragged appearance. Color: dark graybrown or deep blue, the scales of body with a dull blue-green cast and very dark purplish edges; margins of dorsal and anal fins bright blue; dental plates bluish white. Size: maximum length about 50 cm. Distribution: eastern Indian Ocean, known from a few localities in Sri Lanka and the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand where it represents as a new record. Remarks: occurs on inshore rocky or coral reefs to depths of at least 20 m. Often seen solitary or in small schools.