Plotosus canius, 29.8 cm SL
(photo by Seishi Kimura)

Plotosus canius
Hamilton, 1822
Gray Eel Catfish

D I, 4-5; DPC 130-140; A 106-118.

Body somewhat elongate, body depth more than 15% SL. Anterior nostril situated dorsal to upper lip, opening directed anteriorly. Gill membranes narrowly attached across isthmus. Nasal and maxillary barbels long, reaching at least to pectoral-fin base. Origin of dorsal procurrent caudal fin inserting vertical posterior to pelvic fin base. Color: head and body uniformly dark brown except for paler abdomen. Size: maximum length ca. 1.5 m. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific from western coast of India to New Guinea and northern Australia, north to central Phillipines. Remarks: found in estuaries and lagoons, usually entering to rivers. Juveniles forming dense schools. Feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, and fishes. Marketed fresh.(Seishi Kimura)