Gymnothorax rueppelliae, 51.9 cm
(from Okinawa I., Japan; photo by Kiyotaka Hatooka)

Gymnothorax rueppelliae
(McClelland, 1844)
Banded Moray

V 125-135.

Body moderately elongate. Single teeth row on jaws anteriroly. Dorsal-fin origin closer to gill opening than corner of mouth. Anus before middle of body. Color: body light grayish brown; 16-22 dark bands about as wide as pale interspaces on head, body and fins, those on head and trunk not reaching ventral margin (large adults may without dark bars); top of head yellowish; a dark brown spot at corner of mouth. Size: maximum length 80 cm. Distribution: widespread in Indo-Pacific. Remarks: also known as yellowhead moray.