Ellochelon vaigiensis, 9.6 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Ellochelon vaigiensis, 19.7 cm SL
(photo by Seishi Kimura)

Ellochelon vaigiensis
(Quoy and Gaimard, 1825)
Squaretail Mullet

D IV+7-9; A III, 8; P1 15-18; LR 25-29.

Body moderately robust and not so deep (depth usually 20-27% of SL), compressed posteriorly; no elongate scale (axillary scale) above pectoral-fin base. Head wider than deep, flattened dorsally; adipose eyelid poorly developed; hind tip of maxilla exposed when mouth closed. Second dorsal and anal fins pointed but not falcate; caudal fin truncate. Scales ctenoid. Color: head and body silvery, darkened dorsally; 5-6 indistinct, dusky longitudinal stripes on body; pectoral fin entirely black; anal and caudal fins yellowish. Size: 60 cm SL, commonly to 35 cm TL. Distribution: Indo-Pacific. Remarks: found in shallow coastal waters, and enters estuaries. Feeds on detritus, small algae, diatoms, and various benthic organisms. Marketed flesh and salted dried.