Plectorhinchus macrospilus, 14.5 cm SL
(photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Plectorhinchus macrospilus
Satapoomin and Randall, 2000
Largespotted Thicklip

D XII, 21; A III, 8; P1 17; LLp 58; GR 4-6 + 14-15.

Body oblong, compressed. Dorsal profile of head strongly convex. Mouth small; lips fleshy, moderately thick; chin with 6 pores and no median pit. Dorsal fin slightly notched. Caudal fin truncate. Scales ctenoid, scale on head small extending forward to anterior nostril; front of snout, lips an chin naked. Color: adults with whitish to grayish ground color on most parts of body (yellowish on soft portions of median fins), contrasting with many large (mostly larger or equal to orbit diameter), irregularly rounded black spots on body, nape, and soft portions of median fins, and smaller black spots on head. Juveniles with 4 or 5 dark stripes (more than half orbit diameter in width) that gradually break up into spots with growth. Size: maximum total length about 35 cm. Distribution: currently known only from the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand. Remarks: inhabits caves and crevices of coral reefs and underwater pinnacles to the depths of 30 m. (Ukkrit Satapoomin)