Echeneis naucrates, 19.1 cm SL
(from Palawan, Philippines; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Echeneis naucrates, 35.7 cm SL
(from Mie Pref., Japan; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Echeneis naucrates, 47.4 cm SL
(from Iriomote I., Japan; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Echeneis naucrates
Linnaeus, 1758

D 34-42; A 31-41; P1 21-24; P2 I, 5; LGR 11-16.

Body elongate, body depth 8-14 in SL. Sucking disc large, with 18-28 laminae. Caudal fin lanceolate in young, middle rays elongate and filamentous; almost truncate in adults, with upper and lower lobes longer than middle rays. Pectoral fins pointed. Color: body gray to blackish, with a white-edged black stripe from tip of lower jaw to caudalfin base. Upper and lower margins of fins whitish in juveniles. Pectoral fins blackish. Pelvic fins grayish to whitish. Size: maximum length about 1 m SL. Distribution: circumglobal in tropical to warm temperate seas, except for Pacific coast of America. Remarks: attaching temporarily to a wide variety of hosts such as sharks, sea turtles and ships. Often found free-swimming and occurring inshore waters.