Drepane punctata, 4.1 cm SL
(photo by Seishi Kimura)

Drepane punctata, 10.9 cm SL
(from Lombok, Indonesia; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Drepane punctata, 3.2 cm SL
(from Lombok, Indonesia; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Drepane punctata
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Spotted Sicklefish

D VIII-X, 20-22; A III, 16-19; P1 16-18; LLp 46-50; GR 5 + 10-11.

Body very deep, strongly compressed. Snout profile straight or concave; mouth terminal and protrusible, forming a downward-pointing tube when protruded. Pectoral fins long, falciform, reaching caudal peduncle. Large adults with a bump or bony knob on interorbital region. Color: generally silvery with a greenish tinge on upper half of body; 5-10 series of black spots arranged in vertical lines on dorsal part of body from below dorsal fin to caudal peduncle. Size: maximum length about 40 cm. Distribution: temperate and tropical Indo-West Pacific, from Red Sea and east coast of Africa to New Guinea, Samoa, and northern Australia, north to Taiwan and Japan. Remarks: occurs in inshore habitats, such as sand or mud bottoms, reefs and estuaries. Feeds on benthic invertebrates.