Neotrygon kuhlii
(photo by Mark Strickland)

Neotrygon kuhlii, 41.3 cm DW
(from Iriomote I., Japan; photo by Seishi Kimura)

Neotrygon kuhlii
(Müller and Henle, 1841)
Bluespotted Maskray

Disc rhomboidal, trunk thickened; pectoral-fin apex somewhat angular. Mouth small, 2 broad oral papillae on floor. Tail slender, whip-like, longer than disc width, with usually two venomous spines (stings). Dermal tail folds prominent; ventral fold low, elongate; dorsal fold short, subequal in height to ventral fold. Denticles forming a single row along dorsal midline of disc. Color: brown or grayish brown dorsally, white ventrally, with dark brown band through orbital region; prominent blue spots or blue, white-edged ocelli dorsally on disc. Tail with alternating black and white bands; dermal folds pale with dark outer margin. Size: maximum length at least 67 cm, maximum disc width 38 cm. Distribution: widely distributed in Indo-Pacific, from South Africa to Micronesia and Melanesia, north to Japan. Remarks: usually found in inshore waters with sandy bottoms.