Chaetodon interruptus
(photo by Mark Strickland)

Chaetodon interruptus
Ahl, 1922
Yellow Teardrop Butterflyfish

D XIII, 21-23; A III, 18-20; P1 13-15; LLp 37-44; LR 38-47.

Snout short, blunt and robust; predorsal contour nearly straight. Lateral line incomplete. Caudal fin truncate to slightly rounded. Color: overall brilliant yellow, with a large black spot on back; a narrow black eyebar, its width much narrower than eye, crossing over nape and ended at lower edge of interopercle; narrow submarginal black bar posteriorly on dorsal and anal fins, also crossing caudal peduncle; caudal fin whitish or translucent. Size: maximum length about 20 cm. Distribution: Indian Ocean, from East Africa to Andaman Sea. Remarks: inhabits coral reefs at depths of 5-25 m. Often seen in pairs. Feeds on coral polyps. Chaetodon unimaculatus is its Pacific sibling.