Carangoides praeustus, 14.1 cm SL
(photo by Seishi Kimura)

Carangoides praeustus
(Bennett, 1830)
Brownback Trevally

D VIII + I, 21-24; A II + I, 18-20; GR 9-11 + 22-26 = 32-37.

Body elongated, compressed, somewhat slender; dorsal and ventral profiles almost equally convex. Small conical teeth irregularly arranged in a row on both jaws; vomerine tooth patch arrowheadshaped with a long posterior extension. Breast usually scaled completely; straight part of lateral line with 4-12 scales followed by 23-34 scutes. Color: body silvery blue-gray dorsally, silvery white ventrally; tip of anterior rays of second dorsal fin jet-black distally with white margin; caudal fin yellow. Size: maximum length about 22 cm. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific, from Persian Gulf to Philippines and Indonesia. Remarks: occurring in coastal waters.