Istiblennius dussumieri, 6.7 cm SL
(male; photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Istiblennius dussumieri, 4.5 cm SL
(female; photo by Ukkrit Satapoomin)

Istiblennius dussumieri
(Valenciennes, 1836)
Dussumier's Rockskipper

D XII-XIV, 19-24; A II, 21-25; P1 13-15.

Body elongate. Nape lacking cirri. Supraorbital tentacle variable, with up to 5 branches on each side. Single blade-like occipital crest present in adult males. Nasal with short cirri. Canine teeth absent on dentary. Several caudal-fin rays branched. Lateral line ending below 4th to 10th dorsal spines. Color: body dusky gray with a series of 7 double, brownish orange bars; small dark spots scattered on body in females; outer part of median fins broadly dark in males. Size: attaining to about 13 cm. Distribution: Indo- West Pacific, ranging from east coast of Africa to Taiwan and to Fiji. (Hisashi Imamura)