Taningia danae (Joubin, 1931)


Reg. No OZ55-2 Year/M/D 1972/03/01 Source ud
Locality st.209 Lat. ud Long. ud
LRL 10.8mm DML 220mm BW 370g

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Rostrum: RL>>HL; tal l, flat;
gently curved
Crest:CL<2.5HL; short, narrow fold; curved
Lateral wall: tall, deep excavation; angle 35 degree

LW fold:
sharp fold, along excavation
Jaw edge: sharpen inwardly;
straight insersion, long, narrow wing teeth
Shoulder: low fold; shallow, narrow groove; junction visible
Wing: WL<<TL; short round; angle 95 degree
Oblique View Remarks

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