Onychoteuthis banksii (Leach, 1817)


Reg. No D-12A-2 Year/M/D 1999/07/14 Source Blue Shark Stomach
Locality Western North Pacific Lat. 35-45 N Long. 170-00 E
LRL 2.25mm DML ud BW ud

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Oblique View Outside Inside
Rostrum: RL>HL; middle pointed; straight
Crest: CL<2HL; short, weak fold; curved
Lateral wall:short rhombic;
angle 60 degree
LW fold:weak fold
obliquely to middle
Jaw edge: short wedge insertion; romboidal wing teeth
Shoulder: cartilaginous, low ridge;
shallow, narrow groove; junction visible
Wing: WL=RL; short, relatively narrow, angle 105 degree

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