Haliphron atlanticus (Steenstrup, 1852)


Reg. No D-10-1 Year/M/D 1999.7.06 Source Stomach contents of Blue Shark
Locality Western North Pacific Lat. 37-30 N Long. 170-00 E
LRL 3.7mm DML ud BW ud

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Rostrum: RL<<HL, squwat, pointed, notches
Crest: CL<2.5HL, very long, broad fold, curved
Lateral wall:Low Long, Parallelogram, Angle Wide
LW fold: Round fold, Obliquely to the corner
Jaw edge: Sharpen inwardly, notched wing teeth
Sholder: nd
Wing: nd
Oblique View Inner View Remarks

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