Chiroteuthis (Chirothauma) imperator (Chun, 1913)


Reg. No NSMT-Mo68873 Date 1990/05/21 Methods SRFRL specimen
Locality South China Sea Long. 19-33N Lat. 113-52E
LRL 3.2mm DML 110.5mm BW 25g

Front View Ventral View Side View
Oblique View Outside Inside
Rostrum:RL>>HL Tall, Angled,Straight
Crest:CL=2HL Short Narrow Fold Gentley Curved
Lateral wall: Rhombic
Weak Excavation. Sharp Fold
Along Excavation
Wing: Medial Narrow, WL= 2RL
Angle 110
Jaw edge:Sharp Fold
Along Excavation.
Shoulder:Cartilaginous Fold
Junction Invisible

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