Bathypolypus selebrosus (Sasaki, 1920)


Reg. No NSMT-Mo71699 Year/M/D 1999/07/16 Source Bottom trawl
Locality Off Kusiro 359m depth Lat. 41-47.49 N Long. 143-42.95 E
LRL 1.0mm DML 53 BW 59

Anterior View Dorsal View Lateral View
Rostrum: RL<<HL , squat, blunt notches
Crest:CL>2.5HL , long ,broad fold, curved
Lateral wall:low long, parallelogram angle wide
LW fold:no fold
Jaw edge:notches broad wedge insersion, No wing teeth
Sholder: cartilaginous low swell, shallow narrow groove, junction visible
Wing: WL>>RL, Long Broad, Angle 135
Oblique View Inner View Remarks

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