Berryteuthis magister (Berry, 1913)


Small individual
Reg. No NSNT-Mo66635 Year/M/D 1978/06/15 Source Bottom trawl
Locality Musasi bank 613m depth Lat. 45-17.6N Long. 140-15.5E
LRL 4.1mm DML 167.4mm BW 186g

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Oblique View Outside Inside
Rostrum: RL=HL; large straight
Crest:CL=2.5HL ; medium curved ; narrow fold
Lateral wall:parallelogram

Crest: CL=2.5HL Medium

Shoulder:cartilaginous low swell; junction visible
Wing: WL>RL; Short relatively narrow ; colorless

Large individual

Reg. No BEMA-10 Year/M/D 1977/07/02 Source Bottom trawl
Locality 362-380m depth Lat. 44-31N Long. 144-16E
LRL 6.0mm DML 239mm BW 432g

Anterior View Dorsal View Lateral View
Oblique View Outside Inside
Rostrum:RL=HL; large, straight
Crest: CL=2.5HL; medium, curved, narrow fold
Lateral wall:parallelogram ; Angle 40 dgree

Crest:CL=2.5HL Medium
Shoulder:cartilaginous, low swell; junction visible
Wing: WL>RL ; short relatively narrow; colorless

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