Berryteuthis anonychus (Pearcy & Voss, 1963)

 GONATIDAE BEMA-2 Year/M/D 1975/07/16 Source Stomach contents of Handsaw fish
Locality Western North Pacific Lat. 48-01 N Long. 164-58 W
LRL 1.7mm DML ud BW ud

Auterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Oblique View Outside Inseide
Rostrum:RL=HL , short, pointed notches
Crest: CL>2HL , medium, narrow fold, gently curved
Lateral wall: parallelogram, angle 50 dgree
LW fold:no fold or weak and broad fold
Jaw edge: curved insersion, high, round wing teeth
Sholder:cartilaginous, low swell, Junction visible
Wing: WL=2RL , short , relatively narrow

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