Architeuthis sp.


Reg. NO ARCH-01 Year/M/D 1997.9.7 Source Stomach contents of Sperm Whale
Locality ud Lat. 26-58N Long. 142-16E
LRL 18mm DML 2400mm BW ud

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Rostrum:RL<<HL, short, Pointed, notches
Crest:Cl 2.5hl Medium, Gentley Curved,Narrow Fold
Lateral wall:Parallelogram, Angle 30
Lw fold:No Fold
Jaw edge:Sharpen Inwardly, No insersion
Triangular Wing Teeth
Shoulder:No Fold, Junction Visible
wing:Long Very Broad, Angle 110 degree, WL>3RL
Remarks Jaw Jaw

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