Ancistrocheirus lesueuri (Orbigny, 1841)


Reg. No. NSMT-Mo 62398 Date 1983/05/11 Methods Purse Seine, Daikoku-Maru
Locality Off Miho, Shizuoka Depth 50m Collector Tadashi Kubota
LRL 6.0mm DML 183.5mm BW ud

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
ROSTRUM: RL>> HL, tall,hooked,straight,
CREST: CL= 2.5HL medium
curved, broad fold
LATERAL WALL: tall, rhombic, angle 45 degree
L W FOLD: rounded fold, obliquely to middle
JAW EDGE: sharpen inwardly, short streight, insertion, flat wing teeth
SHOULDER: high fold, deep, broad groove, junction invisible
WING: WL=RL, long narrow, angle 110
Oblique View inner View Remarks

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