Pholidoteuthis boschmaii

Reg. No OINP 003-02 Year/M/D 2001/05/28 Source Sperm Whale Stomach
Locality Noorth Pacific Lat. 35.32N Long. 142.30 E
LRL 5.6mm DML 330mm BW 892g

Anterior View Ventral View Lateral View
Oblique View Outside Inside
Rostrum: RL> HL: tall, weakly hooked courved
Crest: CL= 2.2HL: medium curved, narrow fold
Lateral wall: rhombic, angle 40 degree
LW fold: round fold, obliquely to upper 1/3
Jaw edge: sharpen inwardly;
short wedge insertion;
low wing teeth
Shoulder: high ridge, angled deep broad groove
Wing: WL>RL; long broad rounded

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