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Since its establishment in 1877, the National Museum of Nature and Science has proudly served as Japan's only national-level science museum. In a spirit of service to the public, the Museum has continually improved and enhanced its functions as a museum of natural science. The Museum became an Independent Administrative Institution in 2001.

The Museum conducts a busy schedule of exhibiting and learning-support activities on subjects related to science, technology and the natural world. Its mission is to encourage people to feel the presence of nature and scientific wonder all around them, and to ask questions about the nature of the Earth, life, science and technology in relation to themselves. This process in turn leads to the development and promotion of fresh directions for the Museum in new exhibitions and educational programs.

The Museum also collects, stores and publishes precious scientific specimens. We use those specimens in survey and research efforts, making a significant contribution to the advancement of academic research.
Today the public's interest is increasingly focused on preserving biodiversity and the advancement of science and technology. To respond effectively to this growing awareness, the Museum is continually upgrading its operations and streamlining the management that supports them.

In two vital projects, the support of the National Museum of Nature and Science Supporting Members System plays a central role.

The first project is a workshop program, aimed at raising interest in and awareness of science and technology among young people. A topic of great concern in Japan today is the phenomenon of rikabanare - a turning-away from scientific study among the younger generation. The aim of the workshop program is to stimulate interest and appreciation for the natural sciences among the young.

In the second project, the Museum joins hands with regional museums throughout Japan to host a series of events called Kahaku Collaborative Museum. In each region, the Museum works with local museums to present a host of museum activities related to that region, including exhibitions, lecture series and interactive labs. This program supports the development of regional museums, while fostering local interest in the natural bounty of each region. Our hope is that, through this project, people in every region of Japan will take a fresh look at their own regions and develop a new perspective on the natural world around them.

We hope the National Museum of Nature and Science Supporting Members System will play a leading role in fulfilling these two projects. We invite everyone who is interested in the healthy development of the popular culture of science to take part in the activities and operations of this System.

Yoshihiro Hayashi
Director General,
The Independent Administrative Institution
The National Museum of Nature and Science
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