Yuri Kimura
Name Yuri Kimura
Department & group Department of Geology and Paleontology, Division of Biotic Evolution
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
E-mail E-mail

Research Field

Vertebrate Paleontology
(especially, Cenozoic small mammals from Asia)

Research Contents

I seek ecological and evolutionary biological applications of fossil mammal communities as my fundamental research interests. My current research interests are evolutionary responses of morphological traits (adaptive change, evolutionary rates, speciation) and dietary evolution to ecological and climatic change; roles of resource competitions on morphological adaptations between closely-related species or between distantly-related species, using biogeochemical and paleontological tools. For these interests, I focus on fossil rodents as research materials because the nature of fast evolutionary rates due to short life of rodents, in addition to occupation in a wide diversity of ecological niches, makes themselves ideal materials for my ecological research interests.

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