Yasunari Shigeta
Name Yasunari Shigeta
Department & group Department of Geology and Paleontology, Division of Paleoenvironment and Paleoecology
Degree Dr. Sci. (University of Tokyo, 1992)
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Research Field

Paleontology, Geology

Research Contents

1) Ammonoid paleobiology, evolution, and biostratigraphy.
2) Mesozoic stratigraphy in the circum-Pacific area.
3) Biotic recovery after the end-Permian mass extinction.

The Mesozoic Era opened with the end-Permian mass extinction event, which wiped out more than 90% of all marine species and resulted in the most severe crisis ever for the worldfs ecosystem. During the Mesozoic, not only the dinosaurs appeared, flourished and went extinct, but land plants and marine organisms also experienced a great revolution in life history and ecology. Extensive study of the Mesozoic world will likely provide important keys for understanding the establishment of our planetfs biodiversity and ecosystems. I am currently studying the Early Triassic marine biotic recovery based on detailed field work in Vietnam, Thailand and the Russian Far East. Other research interests include the paleobiogeography and evolution of Cretaceous ammonoids in the circum-Pacific area (Philippines, Japan, Russian Far East, Canada and USA).