Takuma Haga
Name Takuma Haga
Department & group Department of Geology and Paleontology, Division of Paleoenvironment and Paleoecology
Degree Ph. D. in Science, The University of Tokyo, 2010
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Research Field

Evolutionary paleontology, Historical phylogeny, Taxonomy of mollusks, Malacology

Research Contents

My research attempts to infer evolutionary history of marine life v.s. environmental changes in long time scale using both fossil and Recent mollusks. My ongoing research
projects involve:
1) Origin and transition of the Recent species diversity in the Indo-West Pacific.
2) Evolution and systematics of mollusks
3) Evolutionary and ecological studies on sunken wood communities


The mollusca, having an excellent fossil records, is enormously diverse, and enables to answer numbers of questions in biology and paleontology.