Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series A (Zoology) date of publication
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series A (Zoology) Volume 32 Number 1 March 2006
  Masaaki Murano.: P.1
  Six species of mysids (Crustacea: Mysida) from Australia, with description of a new species download
  Junji Okuno and Masatsune Takeda.: P.15
  Validity of Palapedia truncatifrons (Sakai, 1974) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Xanthidae) download
  Akihiro Shinohara and Haruyoshi Kojima: P.23
  Some biological features of three Pamphilius species (Hymenoptera, Pamphiliidae) feeding on alders in Nagano Prefecture, Honshu, Japan: Results of rearing experiments in 2004/2005 download
  Koichi Shibukawa and Ukkrit Satapoomin.: P.29
  Myersina adonis, a new species of shrimp-associated goby (Pisces: Perciformis: Gobiidae) from the Andaman Sea download