Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden date of publication
Annals of the Tsukuba Botanical Garden Volume 24 December 2005
  Tanaka N. and K. Nakano P.1
  A New Record of Najas guadalupensis var. floridana (Najadaceae) from Japan  
  Tashiro M. and H. Hatta P.3
  Taxonomical discussion in the genus Menziesia (1) Natural Habitats and Morphological Variation of M. lasiophylla var. lasiophylla and M. lasiophylla var. glabrescens  
  Ebihara, A., T. Oka and S. Matsumoto: P.17
  The Diversity and Reticulate Evolution of the Vandenboschia radicans Complex (Hymenophyllaceae) in Izu, Miura and Boso Peninsulas  
  Iwashina T. and S. Matsumoto: P.27
  Flavonoid Variation in Fronds of Cyrtomium falcatum Complex  
  Hashiba, K., T. Iwashina and S. Matsumoto. P.43
  Variation in the Quality and Quantity of Flavonoids in the Leaves of Coastal and Inland Populations of Adenophora triphylla var. japonica  
  Katoh, N., K. Yoshitama and T. Iwashina P.53
  A Microscopic Observation and a Survey of Anthocyanins on Insect Galls  
  Saito, Y., G. Kokubugata, K. Kondo, I. V. Tatarenko and P. V. Kulikov P.63
  Distribution Patterns of 45S Ribosomal DNA Sites on Somatic Chromosomes of three Subspecies of Inula britannica (Asteraceae) in Japan and Russia  
  Kokubugata, G., K. Kondo, I. V. Tatarenko P.71
  A List of Herbarium Specimens Collected from Russia in the Expeditions of 2002, 2003 and 2005  
  Sunaga, K. and R. Hirayama P.99
  Soil Micromorphology and Physical Properties of Buried Cultivated Soils of Edo Periods under the Volcanic Mudflow Deposits of the 1783 Eruption of Asama Volcano  
  Mori, K. and R. Hirayama P.107
  Application of a New Approach on the Investigation of Humus Profile