Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Series C (Geology & Paleontology) date of publication
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Series C (Geology & Paleontology) Volume 46

December 2020


Sano, T. Tani, K. and Murch, A. P.:


Major and trace element analyses of igneous rocks and sediments by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using glass bead and pressed powder pellet

  Tsutsumi, Y.: P.15

Depositional and metamorphic age estimations of low- P/T type Higo gneiss in the Amakusa-Kamishima Island, Kumamoto, southwest Japan

  Yabe, A. and Kitamura, K.: P.23

Plant macrofossils from the marine Ieda Group (lower middle Miocene) in northern Iwata City, Shizuoka, Central Japan


Niko, S. and Badpa, M.:

  Carboniferous tabulate corals from the Sardar Formation in the Ozbak-kuh Mountains, East-Central Iran download
  Tongtherm, K., Shigeta, Y., Sardsud, A., Sashida, K. and Agematsu, S.: P.61

Discovery of the early Spathian (late Olenekian, Early Triassic) ammonoid Marcouxia chaiburiensis at Khao Chingcho, Phatthalung Province, southern Thailand


Shigeta, Y. and Yamamoto, R.:


Discovery of the middle Campanian ammonoid Menuites soyaensis (Matsumoto and Miyauchi) in the Aridagawa area, Wakayama, Southwest Japan

  Shigeta, Y. and Tsutsumi, Y.: P.73

U-Pb age of the Pravitoceras sigmoidale Zone (upper Campanian, Cretaceous) in the Hidaka area, Hokkaido, northern Japan

  Tonomori, W., Takahashi, Y., Yamaoka, Y. and Nakao, K.: P.79

Large-sized cetacean fossils from the Tonohama Group in the Iwado area, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

  Amano, K.: P.87

Molluscan fossils from the Kitakanegasawa Formation in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, with remarks on the northern limit of the Tsushima Warm Current during the Late Pliocene

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