Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series B(Botany) date of publication
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series B(Botany) Volume 38 Number 3 September 2012
  Hosaka, K. and K. Uno: P.77
  A preliminary survey on larval diversity in mushroom fruit bodies download
  Frisch, A. and Y. Ohmura: P.87
  Chapsa leprieurii, Ocellularia cavata and O. pyrenuloides (Graphidaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) new to Japan download
  Ebihara, A., C. R. Fraser-Jenkins, B. S. Parris, X.-C. Zhang, Y.-H. Yang, W.-L. Chiou, H.-M. Chang, S. Lindsay, D. Middleton, M. Kato, T. N. Praptosuwiryo, V. B. Amoroso, J. F. Barcelona, R. H. G. Ranil, C.-H. Park, N. Murakami and A. Hoya: P.93
  Rare and threatened pteridophytes of Asia 1. An enumeration of narrowly distributed taxa download
  Akiyama, S. and H. Ohba: P.121
  A taxonomic revision of Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb.) Sweet and its related taxa (Podocarpaceae) download
  Yukawa, T., D. Kawaguchi, A. Mukai and Y. Komaki: P.131
  Discovery of Geodorum densiflorum (Orchidaceae) on the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands: a case of ongoing colonisation subsequent to long-distance dispersal download