Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series B(Botany) date of publication
Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series B(Botany) Volume 34 Number 1 March 2008
  Shiba, T., Moon, K.H. and Kashiwadani, H.: P.1
  Lichens of Akkeshi and its Adjacent Areas, Northeastern Hokkaido, Japan  
  Hagiwara, H.: P.17
  Taxonomic Studies on Dictyostelids.3. Sexuality of the Polysphondylium candidum Complex  
  Ebihara, A. and Miyashita, K.: P.23
  Type Collection in the Herbarium of National Museum of Nature and Science (TNS). Salicales, Fagales, Urticales, Proteales, Santalales, Polygonales and Chenopodiales  
  Kadota, Y.: P.31
  Taxonomic Studies of Cirsium (Asteraceae) in Japan XVII. Two New Species from Hokkaido and Honshu  
  Hashimoto, M., Iwashina, T . and Matsumoto, S.: P.43
  Flower Color and Flavonoid Variation in Clematis patens (Ranunculaceae)  
  Iwashina, T. and Murai, Y.: P.53
  Quantitative Variation of Anthocyanins and Other Flavonoids in Autumn Leaves of Acer palmatum