Research Departments
Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology
The manufacturing technologies that were developed in Japan since the Meiji Era provided the stimulus for the country’s remarkable economic growth after the Second World War. Materials and information sources related to the evolution of these industrial technologies are fast disappearing due to factors such as changes in Japan’s industrial structure, overseas transfer of production sites by Japanese companies, and aging of engineers who contributed to post-war technological development.

With the objective of becoming an information hub that will contribute to continued technological innovation in Japan, the Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology is taking action to identify materials that provide information related to the development of industrial technologies, and conduct relevant surveys and research to preserve them and encourage their utilization.

  • Identification of materials: The Center collaborates with industrial groups, academic organizations, and government bodies to identify materials related to the history of Japanese industrial technology. The information collected is stored in the Center’s database and made available to the public via the Museum website.
  • Research into systematization of technologies: The Center conducts surveys and researches the relation between development of technology and social, cultural, and economic factors, in order to organize information on the history of technological development, and evaluate the value of related resources. This research into the systematization of technologies is carried out by experts in the respective technical field or is outsourced to specialized organizations.
  • Selection of important resources and registration: The Center designates documents and other material that are vital sources of information to future generations as “Important Scientific and Technological Resources.” These resources are then included in the Museum’s database and action is taken to enhance awareness of their importance and encourage long-term preservation.
  • Other activities: The Center promotes the creation of cooperative networks with company museums and industrial technology museums. It also holds exhibitions, seminars and other industrial technology themed events.