Events for Children and Youth in Grades 1 to 9
The Museum's calendar is loaded with events that are fun and educational at the same time. Please see the Event Calendar for details on each event.


Lecture title Description
Date and time Remarks
Discovery Talks Discovery Talks are gallery talks in which Museum researchers discuss their own research projects or scientific topics of interest in the world around us, illustrated with related Museum exhibits.
Twice a day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
Nature Observation Tours In nature observation tours, children go outdoors to observe things in the natural world, including plants, animals, minerals and fossils. An introduction to basic observation and specimen preparation techniques is also provided.
Nighttime Astronomical Observation Observe the stars visible in each season through the Museum's astronomical telescopes. Offered only on clear nights.
It will be held online.
Please check the Event Calendar. (Only Japanese)
Fun Science Labs Science and its relation to things we observe in everyday life provide the material for this fun and lively series of experiments. Children learn for themselves as they work on experiments, accompanied by specialist researchers.
Saturdays (about eight times a year)
The Wonders of Nature: Physics Lab Incredible natural phenomena are going on all around us. In this course, children deepen their appreciation of these phenomena through experiments.
Saturdays (about five times a year)
Sound Lab Children perform experiments in acoustics, guided by a specialist researcher.
No fixed schedule (once a year in the autumn)
Master of Museums Children and students those who want to apply for the programme will be required to visit any museums up to 10 times. Submit study records and short essay about your visits. (Maximum 200 words).
Applications are accepted all year round. There is no deadline. Museums include science museums, zoos, aquariums, art galleries and similar facilities) Children and students are aged 6-15 years, from elementary school and junior high school.

Tsukuba Botanical Garden

Lecture title Description
Date and time Remarks
Botanical Garden Exciting Explorer's Quiz The Botanical Garden offers a full roster of entertaining events to deepen children's understanding about plants, including an "explorer's quiz" and quiz competition.
Green Day, Children's Day and Culture Day
Botanical Garden "All About" Seminars The "All About" Seminars are a comprehensive study course in which:
(1) The seasonal changes in native trees are observed year-round, and
(2) Discussions are held on plants native to the untamed slopes of Mt. Tsukuba.
One theme is covered each year (two themes in AY2008). In AY2008, 12 consecutive lectures will be offered on theme (1) above, and 6 observation sessions on theme (2).
Nighttime Astronomical Observation Children observe the stars visible in each season through the Tsukuba District's astronomical telescope. Offered only on clear nights.
Second Saturday

Institute for Nature Study

Lecture title Description
Date and time Remarks
Sunday Observation Tours Children study the miraculous workings of nature through a discussion and guided tour of the flora and fauna living at the Institute for Nature Study and the changes that occur in nature.
First and third Sunday
Special Activities Models of seeds are created on Children's Day as a special event.
Children's Day
Easy Bird Study Museum researchers provide children with engaging and accessible discussions of birds and their lives, drawing on the latest ornithological research.
Sunday (Ten times a year)