Collection database of specimens & materials
Type Specimen Fatabase
Established in July 2006, the Center for Collections collects and carefully stores specimens and materials that illuminate the study of natural history and the history of science and technology. The Center is a vibrant hub of research and academic activities. Formerly the National Museum of Nature and Science held a large assortment of specimen collections, but these were scattered and separately managed among various departments, preventing the systematic collection, management and use of specimens from an overarching perspective. With the establishment of a single collection, the Museum was able to ensure the centralized management of specimens. The Center for Collections was established with the following objectives:

(1) To prepare basic policies for the formation of a national collection

(2) To prepare a framework for the collection and storage of specimens

(3) To prepare a framework for the application and use of the collection

(4) To understand and publish accurately the information in the collection on natural history and the history of science and technology

(5) To coordinate with each Department and the Institute for Nature Study on the use of specimens

(6) To assist and cooperate with similar institutions in (4) above

(7) To conduct surveys, evaluations and public-relations activities concerning the operations of the Center for Collections