THEATER 36◯, a 360-degree Movie Theater in the Round
Theater 36◯ opened to the general public on Thursday, December 21, 2006.
Theater 36◯ is a movie theater in spherical 3D, a movie experience in which the viewer is surrounded on all sides by a seamless sphere of video and sound. Theater 36◯ was born at Japan Pavilion Nagakute, at Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan, as the "Earth Room." The feature was subsequently transferred to the National Museum of Nature and Science, where it acquired its present name. With a dome measuring 12.8m in diameter (chosen symbolically as approximately one millionth of the diameter of the Earth), the interior of Theater 36◯ consists of a seamless sphere of movie screens, on all sides in three dimensions. Visitors stand on a bridge in the center of the attraction to view movies. With the movie visible in all directions 360 degrees around, the theater creates an unforgettable three-dimensional realism that is truly the first of its kind in the world.
The Museum has created seven original films specially for Theater 36◯.
The thrill of being surrounded in sound and video has to be experienced to be believed.
About THEATER 36◯
Contents Each movie lasts approximately 6 minutes.
An original film produced by the Museum are shown.
Please refer to the schedule below.
Show times 9:30 AM (first screening) to 4:30 PM (final screening)
Location Japan Gallery, B1F
Admission Fee Included in Permanent Exhibits admission.
Information of THEATER 36◯
  • Viewing at Theater 36◯ is on a first-come, first-served and rotating basis.
  • The same program run repetitively in a day.
  • The capacity of the theater is 40 each time.
  • There are no seats as it is a standing room.
  • If you wish to view as a group, please ensure all members are in the queue.
  • It is not allowed to enter or leave the theater during the screening.
  • As admission for the final screening will end once the theater is full, it may end earlier than scheduled.
Caution The unique format of Theater 36◯ creates sensations of floating and speed. Some viewers may experience disorientation and discomfort. Particular caution is advised for small children, persons susceptible to nausea, expectant mothers, the elderly and those with heart conditions. Persons intoxicated with alcohol, unattended preschool children, and groups of preschool children are not admitted.
Prohibited actions Eating, drinking, photography, use of mobile telephones and lighting of fires is not permitted in the theater. Please comply with the instructions of the staff on duty.
Monthly Program


December The Last Dinosaurs
-Tale of the Fossils-


January Mantle Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth
-Earth's Amazing Interior-
February The Journey of Humans
-The Worldwide Dispersal and the Creativity of Homo sapiens
March The Universe:A Journey of 13.8 Billion Years
-Everything Comes from the Stars-
April The Last Dinosaurs
-Tale of the Fossils-
May The Journey of Humans
-The Worldwide Dispersal and the Creativity of Homo sapiens
June Mantle Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth
-Earth's Amazing Interior-
July 30,000-year-old Epic Voyage
-Homo Sapiens Arrives in Japan-
August Deep Sea
-Submersible sheds light on the dark frontier-
September The Ocean Food Chain
-The Flow of Energy from the Sun to the Bluefin tuna fish-
October 30,000-year-old Epic Voyage
-Homo Sapiens Arrives in Japan-

*We will notify you on this HP as soon as the program is decided.